Friday Night Lights

It’s Friiiiiiday! We’ve never been so excited to say “TGIF” and make this weekend an awesome one.

Fridays were made for happy hour, birthdays, dinners, and parties. This means you have to pull together a cute outfit between the time you get home from work to the time you’re going out – and sometimes that can really suck.

But we’re here to help!

Geo-Pattern Sequined Pants

forever 21

Sometimes sequin can be a little too… sequin for our taste, but these pants make it all okay. The geo-pattern on these sparkly bottoms are incredibly cool and just the perfect happy-medium to go to a bar with friends or a club with your guy. Either way, you’ll be arriving in style.


Cabaret Maxi Dress

free people

How sexy-sexy is this dress? It’s absolutely wonderful for throwing on, sprucing up your hair and makeup, and running out to catch your Uber. Personally we’re a huge fan of the keyhole opening in the front, but we can’t deny those side slits either.


Embroidered Dress


Okay so we might be a liiiiiittle obsessed with this one. I mean, come on! Look at that embroidery! Not to mention, it’s another perfect throw-and-go. Add stockings and booties for a casual look or go all out and pair it with some stilettos. You can’t go wrong. Oh, and did we mention it’s on sale? You’re going to want to check this one.

Now excuse us while we make some purchases of our own – with the Daily Deals, of course. We have plans too, you know!

And todays Daily Deals are…

Deal of the Day:

Devoré Velvet Dress


This is good, real good. The Devoré Velvet dress is stunning in every way. The pattern in the velvet, the mini cut, the long sleeves? We feel like we’re in “Mad Men” right now (someone call Don!). Pair this baby with some high shoes or combat boots and go catch your friends – because you are the party in this dress. We’re going to need this one ASAP, especially since the deal is insane.

We have MOVED our Daily Deals to the front page for your convenience! Take a look. 😉


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