Robin Eisenberg Is Out Of This World

Calling all aliens – Robin Eisenberg is rocking this Earth.

If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will. Based in L.A., Robin is an artist and designer who has started a line of patches, pins, and other accessories that truly live up to your perfect other-world expectations. With her unique designs and killer style, she is truly changing the game.

Lucky for us, we had to opportunity to sit down with her and talk about her line, her everyday style, and even eating pizza in the bathtub. Yes, she’s that cool.

robin eisenberg

Green With Trendy: How did you get started with design?

Robin Eisenberg: I was on tour with a band called Crocodiles for about 5 years. Between tours, I started working as a freelance illustrator doing album covers, comic books, and stuff. Eventually, I started getting more and more work until there wasn’t really time for anything else. I decided to try and be my own boss, start my own business, and make art full-time. So far it’s been one of my better decisions.

Green With Trendy: That’s incredible! Where do you draw your inspiration from?

RE: So many things! I’ll just say aliens, food, sex, women, pop culture, and nature programs to keep it simple, haha.

Robin Pin
robin eisenberg

Green With Trendy: What made you take your artwork in the direction of pins, patches, and hats?

RE: I love taking ideas from your brain and turning them into something visual, so making them into things people can wear and love seemed like the next extension of that.

Green With Trendy: How does your artwork affect your everyday style?

RE: I stay in my pajamas for way longer due to working from home from 7am – midnight most days. So I would say it negatively affects my every day style, haha! But sometimes I find myself wanting to recreate scenes/looks from my drawings and wear purple lipstick and eat pizza in the bathtub.

robin eisenberg

Green With Trendy: I mean come on, who doesn’t want to do that? Haha. So who are some of your style icons?

RE: Patrick Stewart. Patti Smith. Nicki Minaj. My parents.

Green With Trendy: We love that you’re a feminist. What is the one piece of advice you would give to the young women of the next generation?

RE: Try your best not to waste too much time worrying about how you look. Do something you love and you’ll feel fucking awesome and sexy.

some of robin’s pins from our personal collection

Green With Trendy: That is ah-mazing advice. Thank you so much for sitting down with us. So what other projects do you have coming up that we should be on the lookout for?

RE: I’m working on a zine called “WEIRD WET DREAMS” and also working on some rad new things in the shop!

Shop Robin’s style on her site and follow her on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and Tumblr!

Special thanks to Robin Eisenberg.


3 thoughts on “Robin Eisenberg Is Out Of This World

  1. Enjoy reading about and keeping up with you. Your grandmother was my dearest friend. Stood up with Pat & Click when they married. Best of luck to you. I’ve heard about you all your life.


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