Patch It Up

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not know that patches are a hot topic right now. Whether you buy and apply your own, it doesn’t hurt to make a purchase that comes with a few patches to start you off.

We here at Green With Trendy love patches (and pins!) and you can believe that we’re stacking up our wardrobe – or rather, patching it up. Ha.

Patch Dress


You can’t say this dress isn’t absolutely adorable. The patches give this tennis dress the perfect aesthetic. If we had this cutie in our closet, we would throw on some white sneakers and grab an over-the-shoulder bag before we head out the door.


Patch Pullover

forever 21

Lightweight and consistently cool, this sweatshirt might be the cutest we’ve ever seen. Amongst other baby patches, it features a bee, a lemon, and (of course) a peach. You’ll be the sweetest emoji girl ever.


Kantha Patched Jean

urban outfitters

You all know how much we love our jeans, and this classic pair is no exception. These jeans belong to the Urban Renewal collection and have been hand-updated by experts who only want you to arrive everywhere in style. They might be a bit pricey, but we can’t deny their uniqueness.

Now for our Daily Deals…

Deal of the Day:

Denim Patch Shirt

century 21

This is the perfect piece for the ultimate patch lover. Transform into Britney and Justin by making this a double denim outfit (it’s cool now!)  Did we mention it’s 61% off?

We have MOVED our Daily Deals to the front page for your convenience! Take a look. 😉


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