Airport Americana

Miley said it best: “I hopped off the plane at LAX, with a dream and my cardigan.” But let’s be real, are you wearing a cardigan on the plane? Hell no.

So you’re going on vacation and you want to look cute when you land, but you’re not trying to sit on a plane for 4 hours in heels and a mini skirt. We get it. We’ve all been there. What are you supposed to wear on a flight? Let us help.

Ring Leader Tee

free people

This sheer, lightweight tee is perfect for flying because with it’s slouchy, effortless fit, you’re going to look like a rockstar even when you step out. Say goodbye to wrinkled clothing and hello to your destination.


Drawstring Chambray Joggers

forever 21

These joggers got you covered in the pants department. First off, they’re super-soft and so comfy so you won’t be getting antsy in your seat. Secondly, they’re a chic alternative to jeans so you can look your coolest stepping off the plane.


Express One Eleven Twist Back Tee

Express One

Another super-soft piece just waiting to board with you. This gorgeous, drapey tee has a sexy surprise in the back that was made for traveling. Pair this with some black leggings and you’re good to go.

What do you guys normally wear on the plane or while traveling? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget your Daily Deals!

Deal of the Day:

H&M Joggers


If you just can’t be bothered with real pants, we totally get it. Joggers are perfect for travel because they’re like sweatpants, but not real sweatpants. Fancy sweatpants. Ah, whatever. Hurry up, don’t miss your flight.

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